Thursday, February 11, 2010


ok, i'm all for statistics and graphs in magazines. i mean, they make them a hell of a lot easier to read, not to mention they make the page look much nicer. who doesn't like looking at graphs? they make you feel more educated, sophisticated and worldly.

but after picking up the march 2010 edition of esquire - the world's most upmarket men's magazine, i've lost a little bit of faith in editors and writers alike. i know i'm being petty here, but come on.

in the article 'the state of man 2010', readers were posed the question 'are you satisfied by your job?' the results were:

a new boss will improve my worklife - 13%
i'm fulfilled in my work - 64%
i'm stuck in a career rut - 23%
better pay would make me more fulfilled at work - 54%
i'm working to live - 68%

now, i'm no rocket scientist, but i'm pretty sure those figures don't add up to 100%. in my calculations, they total 224%.

unless i missed the worldwide memo on new mathematics, i'm pretty sure i've got reason to be a little confused.

and another thing! this survey was shown through a line graph. it was definitely not to scale, and it showed that 23% was less than 13%.

esquire magazine, i'm totes upset with you.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

spring awakening. totes.

spring awakes has just opened at the sydney theatre company. i forgot how much i loved the cast recording and have been listening to it for the past couple of weeks, but listening to the australian male and female ensembles, i find, really adds something to the score. it feels more meaty, not as airy as the original cast recording (which i LOVE), but this heavier sound takes it to another level.

a friend, who also saw the orginal broadway production and has seen one of the STC previews, says it's great to see an australian adaptation. the set looks stunning, the music will be fierce, and the cast is hot.

nicholas kong, shanty town? BOL BOL BOL.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

when you're young

so a friend showed me something today that i haven't seen in four years. it prompted me to search youtube and re-live the whole show... all of it... sometimes with portuguese subtitles.

word, bitches.

rowan atkinson, represent.

five things.

five things for saturday february 6th.

1. peppermint tea.

2. golden syrup dumplings.

3. seth rogan.

4. easter eggs.

5. lime juce.

Monday, February 1, 2010

five things for monday february 1st.

1. bakers delight

2. dopplegangers

3. kirstie alley

4. soy milk

5. tessa kay leaving