Sunday, May 9, 2010

wrong answer

this guy asked me something today and i replied with the wrong answer.

after a great dance call, they lined us up after we had danced in our smaller groups. they turned, spoke to each other for 30 seconds, and made a decision if they wanted to keep anyone.

they were cut throat and only wanted the best. they turned a couple of times to look at me, and when asked the question, "have you had any professional musical theatre experience?", i replied with "no".


so when you're in that situation again, young william, always remember to say yes. think on the spot and make it up.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sing out louise!

i have an audition on sunday, so i went to my friend's house to practice today. i could tell when she heard me sing that she wasn't happy with my choice of song. but i kept singing. we went over another song and felt more comfortable when i was singing higher and louder.

i was hitting a's cleanly, but still wanted to go back to my first choice. i sang it again, asked her to play it up a semitone, then another, then another, then another.

so i came home, transposed it, and sang it.

so when you're having trouble singing, just go higher and louder.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i've become a little oblivious towards the language that i've been using recently. i'm not sure if it's because i've finished uni and not using my brain at any capacity (does that even make sense?), or if it's from the people that i surround myself with.

i've grown from a shy nerd, who hated foul language when unnecessary, to a dirty street worker with the mouth of a drunken sailor who's high on weed and has the vocabulary of a well-read pornography addict... note: i am actually none of these things, just trying to draw a link for those playing at home.

the one certain phrase i've become a little obsessed with is...

vomit on my dick...

when i first heard it i actually wanted to vomit on my dick. how disgraceful. but it grows on you, and now when i hear something disgusting, see someone unfortunate, am in a situation that is awkward/humiliating/terrifying, or i actually feel sick, out it comes. "ergh, vomit on my dick".

it first hit me when i said it to my brother, and he was taken aback. that shocked me a little. then i said it to my sister and she was terrified. and then i said it to my dog, and i kid you not, he tilted his head in disgust and walked over to the corner of the yard and sat in the sun. even my dog was horrified by this saying.

but the thing that shocked me most was when i was facey chatting with my sister and she typed "vomit on my dick". i made this face - :o - yeppers. the thought of my sister vomiting on her dick was vomit worthy, and i wanted to vomit on my dick.

so now if i talk to friends, i try to make an attempt to 'breeve it to VOMD. not the most subtle, but it's better to do than create an awkward situation.

feel free to use it! it may just become the new 'thing'. like omfg, totes, or bol.

how unimpressed are you with me now?

Monday, May 3, 2010

showcase time

ok, i've been tres laze with posting over the past couple of months. but we're now into may and that means an abundance of new mt senior showcase vids on youtube.

lauren sprague is currently up there with my favesies and no doubt there'll be more to come!