Sunday, February 27, 2011

dear diary

dear diary,

this weekend was a fairly awesome weekend. no real reason in particular, just lots of little good things.

saturday: souvlaki, sister's song on jersey shore, sleep, monk, bircher, lovely coffee, drive home, discovering a new musical obsession, beach, aeroguard, steak, ratatouille, turkish bread, perfect baked potato, macerated berries and ice cream, peppermint tea, cuddles with styles.

i feel as though i should elaborate on sunday more, just because i have more of an opinion of it.

it started off with an awesome breakfast, the most important part of the day. sure, the first egg that i cracked had a broken yolk, but i looked straight past that and went on my merry non-vegan, egg-poaching way. then there was a dilemma. did i want avocado or not? the fact that there were actually no avocados in the house helped with that matter. it ended up being 2 poached eggs on dark rye, with a side of ratatouille and freshly brewed coffee. i may have also had one of mum's fresh baked mixed berry and white chocolate muffins for breakfast dessert/morning tea too.

i then took the little boy for a big walk around the cape. i didn't have any treats for him today, but he didn't care. as long as he can run around on the beach, smell rocks and wee on the sand, i'm sure he's happy. when i returned home, i skipped. and boy did i skip! it is so underrated as a fitness tool nowadays. i was cramping, sweating and struggling for a good 10 minutes after that little workout.

onto rehearsals. this is the only thing i'm going to be a little negative about. we went over 'two ladies' for a total of about 4 minutes when i was called into sing 'i don't care much'. now, i'm all for bringing a bit of a new twist to musicals, but i think this one is just a bit too far. i love singing this song, but they have taken half of it away from me. when i started singing, it felt so good, but i just don't know where i can push the song if i have a verse and a chorus. i feel like i'm in an audition and they've asked me to sing a 16 bar cut. how will i get from point a to point b in 44 words?

they have given the rest of the song to kost, and she gets to repeat the second verse. i will say something when we set it, because i just don't feel like i will get what i need from those 44 words. plus, it's the only ballad for me in the show, and the emcee needs to show that human side in that song. that's where he shows himself. that's where he comments most poignantly on anything in that show. that's his role. he's a brechtian figure commenting on society. he makes the familiar strange. and apart from one line in 'if you could see her', it's the only part where he gets to show any raw emotion. that's the point where the audience sit back and go, 'ok, so we just thought he was a cutesy guy who wore nice costumes and said funny things. but he's not. he's actually real, and he is affected by these things too. and maybe i have been affected too. and now i realise it. oh, i get it now.' am i being a spoiled little brat? all of those 1 or 2 people out there reading, am i?

i got home, had a nap, ate my chicken and sweetcorn soup, fried rice and lemon delicious, drank my tea, watched some 30 rock, spoke to funny friend who has just made some awesome decisions about themselves and got this rant off my chest.

anyway, my new obsession is 'titanic - the musical'. sure, it may have taken me 14 years to get into it, but now i think i can enjoy it. it may be tackily written, but who doesn't love some tack every now and then. i'm pretty much just obsessing over the five parts of 'the launching', but they are so good to obsess over. it has now gone on my 'hurry up CLOC and do this show' list.

and now i'm schvitzing. time to turn on the fan, go to sleep and try not to wake up at 10:30am.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

five things.

five things for february 17th, 2011:

1. coffee

2. banana bread with lemon ricotta

3. getting up to date with your favourite sitcoms

4. this song

5. well fitting pants

Sunday, February 13, 2011

five things.

five things for february 13th, 2011.

1. post-show blues

2. very vanilla chillers

3. mexican food

4. this song

5. fat day anniversary

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


how ridiculously slack have i been over the past 9 months? we all know the answer. i will stop being so lazy. to combat my laziness, i have devised a plan. i will list the things i hope to complete over the year that will be 2011. this is thanks to a beautiful friend who always happens to put a smile on my face. she also reminded me that i have one of these, not that she's ever read it.

so here we go.

- complete my dip ed
- complete cert iii & iv in fitness
- audition for waapa (mt)
- audition for nida (mt & acting)
- apply for nyu (tisch)
- concert/cabaret for wtg
- direct a show/do something for wsc
- get an agent
- get a paid gig
- finish a tv script/pitch for a documentary/screenplay/webseries
- write at least 100 pages of fiction
- perform at the guilds
- make a front page
- upload 10 youtube videos
- eat more unprocessed food
- play state league

by writing them down and putting them in a public forum, hopefully it will push me to be more proactive.