Sunday, June 19, 2011


it's sunday. i'm in a rut. instead of complain, i'm going to watch some will and grace, play some mariokart and drink lots of water.

can we go back to this?

or this?

or even this will do...

maybe i just need to shave? or sleep? what a day, what a day... decisions, decisions...

chookas for sunday.

Friday, June 17, 2011

i will.

today i booked a flight to the gold coast to see my brother. it will get me out of this funk.

i will be there for a week. it won't be as cold as melbourne. i will eat burritos. i will write. i will exercise. i will tick off some things that i put on that list earlier in the year.

i need to work to pay off this trip. i need to work to pay off my previous trip. i need to work to pay my rent. i need to work to keep me busy.

i'm now going to spend money on theatre. i don't need to, but i will.