Thursday, April 14, 2011

ramble, ramble.

dear diary,

i'm lazy. there, now the inter-web knows. it may come as a shock to some.

"You? Lazy? But you're so well put together, and devilishly handsome?" i hear you say.

i may be devilishly handsome, but that's a different story.

i started doing some uni reading today, and was appalled that the text i was reading was actually prescribed to us. i think there should be an interview for entrance into education, and a common sense test also. this will never happen, unless i become the head of the education faculty. and this will never happen

because i'm lazy.

it really is a vicious cycle, isn't it? talking of cycles, i started on doing up an old bike a couple of weeks ago. it was actually more like 2 months ago, but who's counting? i'm fairly sure i won't complete it for a while, but we can only hope, can't we? how many rhetorical questions can i ask in a paragraph? probably a few. rhetorical? yes. ironic? probably not.

let’s think of happier times of broadway and picnics and brooklyn and peanut butter cupcakes.

“dear blog,

i just got a call from b** s****** and she called me back for skeets miller or reporter.

love will.”

not the roles i want, but I want to do a good show. and i wish i could sing better and be less nervous in auditions. disappointment.

back to happy thoughts.

better? maybe tomorrow. the sun’ll come out tomorrow…

from will.

ps. i wasn't concentrating during this. the tv was on in the background. and i had 'some people' from gypsy playing over and over in my head. and then people started talking to me. and then I got a phonecall. and then i stopped concentrating even more.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

five things.

five things for wednesday april 13th.

1. scroggin'

2. earl grey tea

3. expensive chocolate that i didn't buy

4. free breakfast

5. a hovering friend